Iwama Aiki Dojo - O Sensei - Iwama Ryu Aikido

The Aïki Dojo in Iwama

Kamisama - Aiki Dojo Iwama In 1942 Master Morihei UESHIBA settled in Iwama, a little village about 100 km North-east of Tokyo, where he built his Dojo and sanctuary dedicated to Aikido (Aiki Jinja). Here he could immerse himself completely into the training and meditation needed to perfect his martial art. It is here that he used for the first time the name "Aikido" and started to deepen his study of the sword and staff (aiki ken and aiki jo). He considered it essential to know the way of these weapons in order to correctly use the barehanded techniques. In effect he considered that the complete study of Aikido included training with arms (buki waza) and barehanded (taijutsu).
Aiki Dojo of Iwama During the years passed at Iwama the founder also elucidated the concept of takemasu aiki which corresponds, at the expert level, to the spontaneous execution of an infinite number of techniques adapted to moment. It is thus that traditional Aikido of O-Sensei remains truly modern in it's essence.
O Sensei and SAITO Sensei (Aiki News) Aikido was developed in Iwama. During this entire period O Sensei Morihei UESHIBA had a student who became one of the closest disciples and, with his blessing, became his technical successor : Morihiro SAITO, who today has charge of his Dojo and is guardian to the Aiki Jinja.

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