People: O-Sensei Ueshiba, Saito Sensei... - Iwama Ryu Aikido

People: O-Sensei Ueshiba, Saito Sensei...

The founder

Morihei UESHIBA O-Sensei (1883-1969)
O'sensei ["High teacher"], the founder of Aikido studied different martial art, Daito Ryu Jujitsu and Kashima Shinto Ryu inter alia. Then, he developped the Aikido.
He retired in Iwama, in the Ibaraki prefecture by 1942, before "Aikido" was formally used. During 27 years, far from the big town tumults, O'Sensei improved again and again his art by consolidating the techniques and perfected the religious philosophy of Aikido.

His pupils and technical descendants

Morihiro SAITO Sensei (1928-2002)
Having spent 24 years at the side of the founder, Morihiro SAITO Sensei, 9th Dan, is the one who studied the longest under O Sensei's guidance. He is the only true Aikido weapons specialist and his way of teaching the use of these weapons has become the benchmark for the whole world. Equally an incomparable expert with bare hand techniques, Master SAITO emphasises the relationship between these two forms of training, respecting as he does the true basis of Aikido created by UESHIBA Sensei.
Daniel Toutain, 6th Dan Iwama Ryu - Japan, was a close pupil of Morihiro SAITO Sensei. Training every day, he unceases to increase his mastering of the Aikido. He is the technical responsible of the Iwama Ryu France group.
The dojocho, pupils of Daniel TOUTAIN...
All the teachers (and students of Daniel Toutain) of the clubs and Dojo of the group Iwama Ryu France.
... and their own pupils!