The Dojo and clubs - Iwama Ryu Aikido

The Dojo and clubs


L'Aiki Dojo d'Iwama
In 1942 Master Morihei UESHIBA settled in Iwama, where he built his Dojo and sanctuary dedicated to Aikido (Aiki Jinja). Here he could immerse himself completely into the training and meditation needed to perfect his martial art...


The Dojo Rennais - Rennes / France
The Dojo of Daniel Toutain in Rennes.
Ushi deshi in Rennes - France
Daniel Toutain welcomes live-in students (Uchi deshi) within his dojo in Rennes for intensive training periods.
All the clubs and Dojo in France
All the clubs and Dojo where to train with the Iwama Ryu France group...