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Aiki Shuren Dojo France
Aikido Dojo in Rennes

The main Dojo of Iwama Ryu France

Aïki Dojo de Rennes - 99 Allée Saint Hélier - 35000 RENNES - FRANCE
(Access map) - Tel: +33 (0)2 99 65 54 96

Aiki Shuren Dojo France de Rennes

The Aiki Shuren Dojo France, located in Rennes follows the traditions of the Iwama Dojo in Japan.
The courses are directed by Daniel  TOUTAIN, 6th Dan  Iwama  Ryu, who holds a State teaching Diploma and is a student of Maitre SAITO, 9th Dan.
English spoken.
Aiki Shuren Dojo France Aiki Dojo in Rennes
The arrangements in the Aiki Shuren Dojo France are typically Japanese and the seriousness of the tuition creates an atmosphere of study like that of the Iwama Dojo.

Courses for adults and for kids
Tuition includes the study of Taijutsu (barehanded techniques) and Buki waza (Aikiken and Aikijo) and Meditation
The Dojo is open outside of course hours
(for personal training, library and video facilities)
Seminars with Daniel Toutain
Uchi Deshi apprenticeships (Dojo internal resident student for intensive study in the most pure of Japanese traditions (élève interne résidant au Dojo pour une pratique intensive dans le plus pure tradition japonaise)

Aiki Shuren Dojo France - Rennes
To discover Aikido it is possible to
come and observe a session or to
stay and watch a video.

Aiki Shuren Dojo France - Rennes
99 Allée Saint Hélier

(Access map)